Increasing Conversions with Google Analytics’ Attribution Report

Attribution ModelingGoogle Analytics allows marketers to use attribution models, which provide an understanding of the conversion path that customers go through before converting or making the purchase. This feature is accessible in Google Analytics via the Conversions section on the left side of the dashboard.

In Google Analytics, an attribution model is defined as “a set of rules that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in the conversion paths.” The purpose of using these models is to measure the influence that each marketing channel or tactic has on a consumer’s decision to convert or to make a purchase.

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5 Elements of a Good Landing Page

Landing page optimized for your online business

Creating a vehicle for your online business isn’t as simple as making a web page and hope that the leads roll in. It does take a bit more work than this and crafting a good landing page is essential if you want to convert your site visitors from potential leads to actual paying customers.

However, what makes a landing page effective? There are five important parts to a good landing page that must be present if you want it to draw in visitors and convert them.

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Your Website Got Game? Measuring Your Site’s True Engagement Metrics

Measure SuccessIt’s easy to know if your brick-and-mortar store is doing pretty well. Sales records can tell you everything, but a website is a different beast altogether. A website is like a floating shop window in virtual space. How do you exactly track how successful it is? The good thing is we have tools like Google Analytics to tell us how we’re doing and what kind of content drives traffic to the site.

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Conversion Optimization: Make More Money With The Same Traffic

Conversion Optimization: Make More Money With The Same TrafficWhen businesses are just getting started online, most entrepreneurs have a laser focus on getting traffic. However, if your traffic isn’t helping you reach your business goals, then doubling it or even tripling it won’t help your bottom line.


Plentiful traffic can be good, but plentiful conversions are even better. “Conversion” is the term for any situation where a user – the source of your traffic – takes the action that you want. That could be signing up for a newsletter, getting in touch with you, or making a purchase.

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