How to Choose the Right PPC Company

Pay Per Click PPCOne of the most important and effective tools search engine marketers can use to drive more traffic to their websites is pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Simply put, PPC refers to the amount of money that advertisers pay to publishers or search engines when their advertisements on those publishers’ websites are clicked on by web users.

PPC advertising is essentially a way of buying visits to your site, as opposed to securing those visits through purely organic means, like when your website becomes listed on search engine results pages due to its relevance to the search terms used by people searching online. Read more

Understanding the Importance of Quality Scores for Your Ads

Internet Banner ConceptStumped with how to run a successful Google ad campaign? A lot of people consider it a complicated process with how Google is able to determine the placement and relevance of any ads you create. When running an ad campaign on Google AdWords, it’s important to know how your ads are rated and what makes them effective.

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Measuring the True ROI of Your AdWords Campaign

Businessman Holding Roi With Upward Moving ArrowLet’s face it, everything we do on the Internet from SEO to content marketing looks silly and pointless unless justified by an ROI. An ROI contextualizes spending and gives a measure for the success of the campaign. If you can’t report how a client’s investment into an Adwords campaign is giving them profit, why should they keep you as their analyst?

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